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Audio Poems

Appeal for Eclipse
I am Knot
The Point at Which Crying Causes Alarm (as the baby)
What to Give Her
(from Sister Satellite by Cathryn Cofell)

Author interview & poems from Luz de Todos los Tiempos / Light of All Times, 4-25-13

Shiny Things

Milk from Sleepy Cows
(from Unexpected Shiny Things by Bruce Dethlefsen)


"No Wisconsin library should be without a copy of Unexpected Shiny Things as a core part of its poetry collection." MBR

"Pandora may reign in Sister Satellite as goddess of hard knocks, as queen of human frailties, busted dreams, and sorrows, but in her varied talents as a writer Cofell the poet rules." —Mark Zimmerman, Verse Wisconsin 112, October 2013

"Readers, you are lucky. It is not everyday one gets to meet a new poet, to immerse oneself in a world at once familiar and strange. Moisés Villaciencio Barras is a well known writer in his native Mexico, but to most of us noteamericanos, his voice will be new and exciting. Even though he lives and teaches in Madison, Wisconsin, the world of his bilingual volume of poems, Light of All Times/Luz de Todos los Tiempos (Cowfeather Press, 2013), is not that of Madison's familiar streets. It is a mythic, timeless world, the world of the ancestors."—Judith Barisonzi, in Verse Wisconsin 113-114, April 2014

From Bruce Dethlefsen

"It is my very good fortune to have been chosen Wisconsin Poet Laureate  for 2011-2012.

"In my second book, Unexpected Shiny Things, published by Cowfeather Press, I've attempted to examine my relationship to the natural world, people and places, and come to grips somehow with the death of my younger son."

Advance Praise

I have known this marvelous poet, Moisés Villavicencio Barras, for many years. It is a pleasure to finally see his work published in a bi-lingual edition. His poety reflects devotion to Mexico, to his native Oaxaca, and to his family. The histories here, and the mysteries, come from the hand of a poet who should be read, whomust be heard. One finds here a mind focused on the beauty of language and the deep song of loveliness and love.—Neeli Cherkovski, author of Leaning Against Time

With six chapbooks already to her credit, Cathryn Cofell presents her first full-length collection, and it's wonderful. Sister Satellite has sass and snap, a fresh and entertaining voice, but it also wields a sharp edge, cutting deeper as it goes deeper. Sharper and deeper. Frankly feminist, Cofell's energetic, unconventional poems tell hard truths with wit and wide-open eyes. Every woman should read this book. So should every man.
—Kelly Cherry, author of The Retreats of Thought: Poems

Bruce Dethlefsen writes of the small moments and the grand events with tenderness and wit, and an openness that invites the reader (any reader) in the first time around, and yet rewards the careful reader each time after. There's clarity that's not to be confused with naivete or simplicity, an intimate tone that lures us, that gets us on the poet's wave-length, and then come the bright surprises, and slants of perception and humor that accumulate poem by poem into a redemptive vision of the world around us.–Max Garland, author of Hunger Wide as Heaven and The Postal Confessions


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Echolocations, Poets Map Madison, is now available. Read more about Echolocations and Write Your Madison, a project by Madison's Poets Laureate inviting collaboration and conversation through poetry about your Madison. Contact us to learn more or to connect your poetry project. Use #WriteYourMadison at Twitter or email cowfeather (at)

Poets of Echolocations. Music from the original CD by Crestwood Elementary, All I Hear Is Crickets:
Madison Geography and The Sound of Music. Read more about the CD.

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Unexpected Shiny Things cover

Luz de Todos los Tiempos/Light of All Times, by Moisés Villavicencio Barras (June 2013)

Sister Satellite, by Cathryn Cofell (August 2013)

Echolocations, Poets Map Madison, edited by
Sarah Busse & Wendy Vardaman, with Shoshauna Shy, Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf (October 2013), an anthology of poems set in Madison

Unexpected Shiny Things, by Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Bruce Dethlefsen (November 2011)

Books available in print from the authors, through the mail, from Cowfeather directly, below, or at Amazon. All titles are also vailable as ebooks from Kindle.

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Reading Unexpected Shiny Things with a group? Classrooms, reading groups, & community reads may want to start with discussion questions written by the author and editors of Cowfeather Press. And don't miss the Audio Poems in the sidebar, read by the author!

From the Launch Reading of Unexpected Shiny Things

(more video available at the Verse Wisconsin YouTube Channel)